[erlang-questions] Node communication over insecure links

Per Hedeland per@REDACTED
Sun Nov 23 18:02:29 CET 2008

Alex <alustenberg@REDACTED> wrote:
>Anyway, my question is in regard to communication between instances over
>insecure networks and/or nodes.  The case example is a network of IRC
>servers.  Having all nodes in the same Erlang instance would be nice, and
>would make cross server communication a snap. Only issue is that if someone
>intercepts the magic cookiee, they gain access to all nodes,  Not a good

I think you already received a good answer, and I'm not suggesting that
running the communication in cleartext across the Internet is OK -
however the cookie is never sent on the wire, so it can't be
"intercepted" *there*.

--Per Hedeland

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