[erlang-questions] Erlang 3000?

Dave Smith dave.smith.to@REDACTED
Tue Nov 18 07:36:43 CET 2008

Applications are not language constructs, but it has become convention to
name module with the application name prepended with and '_' separator. This
is a crude namespace which, in most cases, is fine. A larger application
such as snmp, could benefit from packages, imo. How many times is a call to
snmp_generic made from other modules in the snmp application? (154 times).
 If packages were use, the module snmp.generic could be called from
snmp.standard_mib without needing to fully qualify the name.

The package hierarchy does not need to be deep.

2008/11/17 Maxim Treskin <zerthurd@REDACTED>

> I think deep hierarchies of modules is very bad idea for usage in Erlang.
> The main approach in programming on Erlang is bunch of well defined
> isolated applications running on node(s), i.e. yaws+mnesia+kernel for web
> and so on. Each application contains number of modules and names and
> functions of these modules is unique through whole application. Moreover
> these names is very simple due to deep hierarhies of module absence in
> Erlang.
> I strongly against of functions like web.common.http.uri.util:escape/1.
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> Maxim Treskin
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