[erlang-questions] [Q] dialyzer message: The pattern X can never match the type Y

Ladislav Lenart <>
Thu May 29 12:07:03 CEST 2008

Kostis Sagonas wrote:
> Ladislav Lenart wrote:
>> Ok, this should be it, except that I think the code is actually
>> executed. Thanks to your explanation, I finally managed to create
>> a module that reports the warning. It is based on the real module.
> Well, this was it.  If you look at your test/0 function, the only call 
> to create_files/2 where the second argument is the 'yrl' tuple is:
>      create_files(Path, {yrl, "f", rebuilt_mod_time}),

Ok, now I finally get it. Thank you all. I somehow misinterpreted
the report to say that rebuilt_mod_time is never used (sorry for
the noise).

Ladislav Lenart

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