[erlang-questions] odbc doesn't give me all of my data

Anthony Shipman <>
Mon May 26 11:18:54 CEST 2008

I've tried putting large blobs into a postgres database using the Erlang odbc 
application. The relevant versions are Erlang R11b.5, unixODBC 2.2.11, 
postgresql-odbc 8.1.200.

First I tried a column with the type 'bytea' which holds an arbitrary-length 
byte string. I was able to insert 10000 bytes. But a select query via 
odbc:sql_query() would only return 254 bytes.

Then I experimented with the type 'text' which holds an arbitrary-length 
character string. Again I inserted 10000 chars. The select query only 
returned 8001 chars.

I suspect that the problem is in unixODBC or postgresql-odbc and I will have 
to abandon this exercise, unless someone has some better ideas.

Anthony Shipman                    Mamas don't let your babies 
                   grow up to be outsourced.

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