[erlang-questions] AIX and R12B-3

Perry Smith <>
Wed Jun 18 02:39:05 CEST 2008

Note: I did *not* cross post this to bugs or patches.  I do not know  
the rules for this list and sometimes cross posting is really frowned  

There are still three unsolved issues (two roughly the same issue).

1) If a java compiler is not found, the make still dives down the lib/ 
jinterface tree and promptly dies because it can not find a java  
compiler.  So, what ./configure learns is not appropriately applied.

2) In the same sense, if the odbc driver is not found, the make still  
dives down the lib/odbc tree and soon dies.

In the first case, I found a Java compiler.  In the second case, I  
hand edited the Makefile and removed the call to odbc.  (but that  
change is not in these diffs)

3) The make files assume that you can call install -d to create a  
directory.  Not true for AIX.  On AIX, I used:

gmake MKSUBDIRS='mkdir -p' install

I *believe* (but could be full of it) that mkdir -p is more universal  
than install -d.

I used gcc 4.0.2, AIX's ld, and GNU's make (called gmake on my system).

There is a "odd" issue which probably everyone knows about but I found  
it confusing.  The distribution comes with precompiled files.  "make  
clean" removes these files.  That is not the usual case.  "make clean"  
usually just removes files created post configure.  Some other target  
in make is usually used to remove any precompiled files.

Aside from that, attached is my diff of my changes.

Oh, one explanation.  As is somewhat typical of ./configure, things  
which are platform dependent, compiler dependent, and linker dependent  
get smerged.  Some of the changes are to check if gcc is being used (I  
used it in my case) and if it is, then the linker flags are change  
from "-a -b -c" to -Wl,-a,-b,-c.  This assumes that the linker flags  
are added to the gcc line.  But, in some cases, they are not.  The  
compiler is called and the ld is called directly.  All this makes the  
configure scripts nearly impossible to get 100% correct.  I keep  
waiting and hoping for some replacement to them.


On Jun 17, 2008, at 6:06 AM, Alex Arnon wrote:

> Have you had any luck finding the difference (or resolving the  
> problem)?
> If so, can you post a patch?
> On Mon, Jun 16, 2008 at 7:46 PM, Perry Smith <>  
> wrote:
> I'm new and I'm trying to compile the latest on AIX 5.3.
> I get errors:
> sys/common/erl_check_io.c:534: error: 'struct erl_drv_event_data' has
> no member named 'reqevents'
> sys/common/erl_check_io.c:535: error: 'struct erl_drv_event_data' has
> no member named 'reqevents'
> (there are other similar errors).  In sys/poll.h, for 32 bit
> platforms, AIX defines events to reqevents and revents to rtnevents.
> Without these defines, I get errors when the poll structure is used in
> erl_poll.c.  Why that is being used for AIX, I don't know since select
> is the preferred interface on AIX.
> I'm assuming that someone has compiled the R12B-2 version for AIX and
> something changed between 2 and 3.
> I'm poking around trying to figure out how to work around this.  Any
> suggestions would be welcomed.
> Thanks,
> Perry Smith
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