[erlang-questions] AIX and R12B-3

Perry Smith <>
Tue Jun 17 13:52:32 CEST 2008

Hi Alex,

Yes, I have made progress but something odd happened last night.  Half  
my tree was missing for some reason.  My file system was full briefly.

So, I want to go back and redo what I did and make sure it is all  
working properly.  I hope to be done with it sometime today.  Oh,  
plus, my issue now is the install script is not being called  
correctly.  Should be easy to fix.

To the group: I tried "make test" and "make check" and at the top  
level and both were undefined.  How do I run through the tests?  Or is  
that done with just the "make".

Last, should the patches be posted here or the patches list?  I've  
subscribed to three lists at this point: questions, patches, and bugs.

Thank you,

On Jun 17, 2008, at 6:06 AM, Alex Arnon wrote:

> Have you had any luck finding the difference (or resolving the  
> problem)?
> If so, can you post a patch?
> On Mon, Jun 16, 2008 at 7:46 PM, Perry Smith <>  
> wrote:
> I'm new and I'm trying to compile the latest on AIX 5.3.
> I get errors:
> sys/common/erl_check_io.c:534: error: 'struct erl_drv_event_data' has
> no member named 'reqevents'
> sys/common/erl_check_io.c:535: error: 'struct erl_drv_event_data' has
> no member named 'reqevents'
> (there are other similar errors).  In sys/poll.h, for 32 bit
> platforms, AIX defines events to reqevents and revents to rtnevents.
> Without these defines, I get errors when the poll structure is used in
> erl_poll.c.  Why that is being used for AIX, I don't know since select
> is the preferred interface on AIX.
> I'm assuming that someone has compiled the R12B-2 version for AIX and
> something changed between 2 and 3.
> I'm poking around trying to figure out how to work around this.  Any
> suggestions would be welcomed.
> Thanks,
> Perry Smith
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