[erlang-questions] clueless newbie can't compile

Anthony Kong <>
Mon Jun 16 03:14:54 CEST 2008


I am wondering which platfrom you are using? Linux? If so, which

The "c(xxx)." is basically a shorthand to some underlying erlang
modules. If you have a look at c.erl, c/1 is actually passing the
parameters to compile:file/2.

So, what is likely to have happen is you have a corrupted installation
of erlang, so erl runtime, for some reason cannot find the compile
module. Hence the "undef".

Try the basic first. Install erlang/otp via the standard package
management system of your OS and see if it improves. Then move on to try

Cheers, Anthony

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I can't interpret the error message, either.

Two different tutorials advise creating a file and compiling it, which
seems like a reasonable way to start.  To take one, it advises me to
create a file, "tut.erl", containing the following:

double(X) ->
     2 * X.

And then, within erl, to type "c(tut).".  Which also seems fine.  What
happens is:

1> c(tut).
** exited: {undef,[{compile,file,[tut,[report_errors,report_warnings]]},
                    {shell,eval_loop,3}]} **

=ERROR REPORT==== 15-Jun-2008::20:07:51 === Error in process <0.29.0>
with exit value: {undef,[{compile,file,[tut,


OK, so what am I being told here?  Something is undefined, but it's not
clear to me what that thing is, or where it's supposed to be, much less
what I can do about it.  Can someone toss me a clue?

I'm using the CEAN package, and while I believe I followed the
instructions in the FAQ, I could have made a mistake somewhere.

I launched erl from the directory where tut.erl sits.  I had, per the
FAQ, set the BASEDIR to /usr/local/cean, so I thought maybe for some
unpleasant reason the file had to reside there, and copied it over, but
the same symptom resulted.



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