[erlang-questions] "erlexec: HOME must be set" error - a build question

Raymond Xiong <>
Fri Jun 6 09:30:50 CEST 2008

On 06/06/08, Raymond Xiong wrote:
> I am integrating Erlang into a build environment, where people 
> ususally unset all env varialbes first and then build, for example:
>    $ env - build.ksh
> The purpose is to put all needed env variables into build.ksh script
> so that people with different settings can get the same build result.
> That unfortunately caused "erlexec: HOME must be set" error when 
> I built Erlang, because it assumed HOME env variable should be set. 
In case I didn't make it clear, that wasn't a build script error. Instead
it was erlexec(the VM launcher, if I get it right) error. I wonder what 
stuff under HOME directory are accessed by Erlang runtime, and can I 
ignore it?  


> My question is how the HOME directory is used? Does Erlang saves
> any config files under it? Is it OK to set it to, say, /tmp directory
> in this case(If so, then I can it define it in build.ksh script)? 
> Thanks,
> Raymond
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