[erlang-questions] Twoorl: an open source Twitter clone

Damien Morton <>
Wed Jun 4 18:33:47 CEST 2008

Allow me to disagree with you here.

The purpose of an RDMS is to enable easy changes to schemas and making 
arbitrary queries. It is a thing designed to facilitate rapid changes in 
direction. If you have a look at the scientific community, for example, 
if performance is required for a known application, specialised 
databases tend to flourish.

On 6/5/2008 2:08 AM, Steve Davis wrote:
> On Jun 4, 10:12 am, Lev Walkin <> wrote:
>> ... yet, with relaxed ACID properties, making it much more scalable.
> The level to which I disagree with your conclusion here is quite
> profound! I see a large-scale future of lost messages, data
> corruption, file replication and synchronization issues, and
> *downtime* for the FS approach.
> The raw FS solution IMHO will only "work" up to a point... in a sense
> the FS suggestion parallels (but is not the same as) MySQL's early and
> conscious sacrifice of referential integrity for performance (InnoDB
> does not resolve this btw, for those that know the issues with MySQL).
> This decision at MySQL has resulted in numerous high-profile scaling
> issues for many services that committed to MySQL for their persistence
> needs. Twitter isn't a good example of this kind of failure - it
> shouldn't have been using the RDBMS at all in the way that it did.
> All in all, the fundamental application scope of Twitter simply
> *screams* Message Queue at me. I'm not sure why the "experts" that
> Twitter have scavenged from IBM and Google haven't come to that
> conclusion also. Since Twitter have appeared to commit to a FS
> approach, I guess we'll have to see if future history proves me
> incorrect :)
> /s
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