[erlang-questions] gen_tcp and gen_server

Sean Rasmussen <>
Sat Dec 13 16:44:22 CET 2008

Agreed: in fact I used that example as one of the resources for  
building my own (modest) web app server.

I had built it as part of teaching myself Erlang; I also wanted it to  
be a good resource
for beginners like myself, so I tried to make the code especially clear.

Maybe it will be of some use to you,  Jarrod:


Besides that, the Armstrong chapter is especially good.


On 4-Dec-08, at 3:05 PM, Alex wrote:

> check out http://www.trapexit.org/Building_a_Non- 
> blocking_TCP_server_using_OTP_principles
> its a very good intro on how to setup a tcp server inside of a OTP  
> supervisor tree.
> 2008/12/4 Jarrod Roberson <>
> How can I put a TCP interface on top of gen_server code that I have  
> written.
> I am just finally getting my head around OTP, but I need to have a  
> TCP interface on my server.
> I have searched Google and haven't really found anything useful.
> Thanks in advance.
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