[erlang-questions] Problems with timer at HP PA-RISC architecture (R12B-2)

Sergei Golovan <>
Sun Apr 27 13:15:05 CEST 2008


The latest release (R12B-2) fails to build from source (actually, erts
is built fine but rebuilding beams leads to random crashes) on Debian
GNU/Linux on HP PA-RISC architecture.

The error message is "Unexpected behaviour from operating system high
resolution timer". It seems to me that there's either some race
condition during erlang VM start or there's a monotonic clock skew
(but the latter reason seems unlikely to be the case).

R12B-1 works fine.

Could you point me where to start searching this bug? Or may be
there's something obvious which I miss?

The full build logs are available at

Sergei Golovan

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