[erlang-questions] Where does io:format's output go? Or where SHOULD it go?

Deryk Barker <>
Fri Apr 25 05:37:37 CEST 2008

Excuse me if this is a dim question; although I am a fan of Erlang, my 
experience is limited: I teach at a college and this will be only the 
second time I've introduced the language (and the FP paradigm) into our 
Network Programming course.

While setting up a demo for my students to show them how simple it is to 
load code into another Erlang node and to start processes in another 
node, when I do this - I start a shell on two systems in two windows, 
load code from one node to the other and start it - it doesn't matter 
whether I start the process on the second node via spawn/4 or 
rpc:call/4, the output, written via io:format by the process on the 
second node always appears on the first node.

Is this a feature of the shell?

And a related question: when I run the shell with the -detached flag and 
start a process via -eval where does the io:format output go then?


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