[erlang-questions] xmpp _client_ code in erlang?

Christian Westbrook <>
Wed Apr 23 22:25:19 CEST 2008


Have you checked out Tsung?  It may be able to hold you over until exmpp 
displaces jabberlang as P1's xmpp client.  The docs include this sample 
xmpp config:


Otherwise, if you find anything else, keep us posted! ;)

Best of luck,

Patrick Logan wrote:
> I am aware of jabberlang, and its replacement exmpp is in the works
> but I think it is not yet available.
> Is there any other erlang source around for connecting to an arbitrary
> xmpp server as a client? i.e. not ejabberd specific - I think
> jabberlang was tied to ejabberd?
> Thanks
> -Patrick
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