[erlang-questions] Securing remote spawning

Maarten Koopmans <>
Wed Apr 23 19:37:48 CEST 2008


New to this list and Erlang, and I have a simple question that I 
couldn't find an answer to in any of the docs: is it possible to 
restrict the possibility of remote spawning or rpc on a given set of 
nodes to only a subset of the functions?

Because if I think "trust no one" then only cookies for SaaS 
applications imply that I loose a layer of defense (and have only the 
firewall left). Especially because the Big Plus with Erlang woudl be 
using Mnesia as well - but this implies moving all code busines + Db) in 
the same zone.

The only option I can think of is doing all communication socket based 
with custom protocols/DSLs that limit what you can do.

Any help/insights greatly appreciated!


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