[erlang-questions] Multiple SCTP associations

Kenneth Flanagan <>
Fri Apr 18 16:29:40 CEST 2008

I have written a very simple H.248/SCTP Media Gateway application for
loading up our Gateway Controller. Initially I had a lot of problems
getting SCTP working, and finally it did with Debian Linux and Erlang
OTP R11B-5. It works fine simulating one MGW, accepting over a 1000
calls/second, but I need to simulate multiple MGWs (to show calls
between MGWs, and I have enough processor capacity & bandwidth to do

There is only 1 network card available for SCTP, and I have multiple
virtual interfaces. The problem is when I open another association and
try to send data I get error "epipe". It does not matter if I open
another erlang node, or try it on the same node. The IP addresses work
individually, i.e. it's not the address that has the problem.

I would appreciate any help/comments on this,
Best Regards,

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