[erlang-questions] RLang

Scott Lystig Fritchie <>
Fri Apr 18 00:26:43 CEST 2008

Michael T. Richter <> wrote:

mtr> I've been toying (to the point of researching) with the idea of
mtr> making a Ruby<->Erlang binding along the lines of erl_interface or
mtr> jinterface.

This may or may not be helpful ... last month I gave a short
presentation on a couple of different Erlang <-> Ruby packages, rbridge
and erlectricity.  The bits can be found at:


The most interesting part for the Ruby crowd was at the end, using a
Ruby gem called "fuzed" that allows Yaws to be the HTTP server front-end
for a Rails application (rather than Mongrel or Apache + FastCGI).


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