[erlang-questions] small build

Steve Vinoski <>
Thu Apr 17 09:00:13 CEST 2008

Seems that if you turn on OTP_SMALL_BUILD when building, you get a
very minimal system, but if you leave it out, you get everything.
Makes sense, but what if you want something in between?

Is there a way to use OTP_SMALL_BUILD first, do a build and install,
and then individually build and install any extra packages you might
want on top of that? Or is it better to do a full build but tell
configure to leave out the packages you don't want, assuming that's
possible via --with-package=no? Leaving out Megaco and the ORB seems
like it would cut out a lot of stuff that I don't need, for example.

Also, how does one build from source (I'm on Linux, BTW) in such a way
to ensure that C object files, libraries, and executables are not
debuggable (and are maybe even stripped), erlang sources are compiled
without +debug_info, etc. in order to minimize system size?

I've searched and searched for answers to these questions, but have
found very little. All pointers appreciated.


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