[erlang-questions] NEWBIE: GUI tookit binaries for windows?

Kenneth Lundin <>
Wed Apr 16 13:09:26 CEST 2008

Hi Ken,

We are step by step refreshing the example pages since they contain
very old material which might not work in the more modern versions of
The bouncinig ball example makes use of etk which is no longer part of
the distribution. I have just recently removed this example because of

When it comes to graphics in Erlang that is currently not one of our strenghts.
The included graphics library is called "gs" and it is based on
TCL/TK. This library
is not suitable for making professional looking and behaving GUI applications
and we just try to keep it working as is.
We are working on a new better GUI library based on WxWidgets. You can
fetch and try out the latest version of that work at

/Regards Kenneth

On 4/15/08, Ken Corey <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm a long-time unix user running Windows on my boxes at home,
> interested in learning erlang.  I'm on XP, and recently downloaded R12B.
> Erlang certainly seems a language worth a bit of study.  I was looking
> at the example for the bouncing ball between a linux and windows 95
> box.  Very intriguing, yet I can't seem to find binaries for either etk
> or erlgtk.  all the links to binaries seem to have dried up.
> When I went to the erlgtk page on sourceforge, there's simply a tarball
> of the source files.  Building it under windows doesn't sound
> particularly fun to me.
> Should I simply be playing with Erlang on a linux box via a virtual
> machine where I can build whatever is needed?
> Can anyone point me at binaries of the widget libraries?
> Thanks,
> -Ken
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