[erlang-questions] Documenting Erlang project(s)

Ulf Wiger (TN/EAB) <>
Mon Apr 14 11:24:30 CEST 2008

Nick Gerakines skrev:
> Subject: Documenting Erlang project(s)
> I've read extensively on both edoc and docbuilder and
 > I've tried generating documentation with both of them.
 > The issue is that both have quirks and I'm not really
 > getting what I want out of them.
> This is what I've gone through to get where I am:
> [...]

Good questions/observations and good work!

Don't let the lack of responses get you down. I'm sure
many, like me, are hoping that someone else will know
more about how best to do this. (:

Often, in long-running projects (which Erlang/OTP certainly
is), you tend to fix the integration issues once and for all
in some near-magical build script. Since docbuilder was just
recently released to the world, it's reasonable to suspect
that such quirks will surface, and early adopters (like you)
get to take the hit.

Of course, that's just my guess. I wish I could be of more

Ulf W

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