[erlang-questions] Open source licenses, which one to choose

Robert Virding <>
Sat Apr 12 12:10:59 CEST 2008

Well that opened a discussion; apparently I am not the only one who has
wondered about this.

I finally decided to go with the simplified BSD copyright, as used for
example by FreeBSD. This OSI approved and according to them more or less
compatible with the MIT copyright. Also according to the pundits there it
does infringe upon the GPL (at least the *simplified* BSD doesn't) so there
should not be any compatibility problems, and it protects the work as mine
but does not restrict usage.

Thanks for all the help,


On 09/04/2008, Robert Virding <> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I will soon be releasing the next version of LFE (Lisp Flavoured Erlang).
> With the last version I got some flak for my "license" and I am now
> wondering which license to use? GPL seems common among other Erlang
> projects, but how does this fit together with the normal Erlang license? The
> Freebsd license is short enough so even I can understand but is it valid. I
> have no interest in selling* LFE or prohibiting its use, I just want to make
> sure I receive credit for my work and that no one "steals" it in that
> respect. I nice courteous we are using would also be nice, good for the ego.
> What do people think?
> Robert
> * As if anyone would buy it. :-)
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