[erlang-questions] Restrict epmd to one IP address?

Per Hedeland <>
Wed Oct 31 13:13:39 CET 2007

>thank's for your answer! Undocumented kernel parameters - very interesting! 

>But your link was interesting. I searched the kernel sources for these
> parameters and found another undocumented one: inet_dist_use_interface.

Actually they're all documented in kernel(3) (where one might expect
them to be:-).

>Good to know. But still, epmd listens on Any other suggestions?

The documentation happens to be correct for epmd too:-) - there is no
way to tell it to bind to a specific address. Given the existence of
inet_dist_use_interface for the VM itself, it would make sense that epmd
had something equivalent (not necessarily calling an IP address an
"interface" though:-) - maybe contribute a patch?

--Per Hedeland

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