[erlang-questions] Instant Erlang?

Peter K Chan <>
Tue Oct 30 13:27:29 CET 2007

	Search on SAE (Standalone Erlang) for some past discussion for
client-side erlang discussion option.

	In particular, when I brought up a similar question in the past
about finding a deployment setup, someone suggested looking into
Wings3D, which is also erlang based. I took a look at it and it seems to
have a very clean installation structure, which you can easily customize
for your own application.


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Hello all,

I'm working in an environment where I'd like to be able to implement a
number of Erlang systems on existing Windows servers.  Furthermore, I
need to be able to bring them up quickly, and remove them without
leaving a trace.

Something along the lines of InstantRails
(http://instantrails.rubyforge.org/wiki/wiki.pl), but for Erlang,
would be ideal.  "Installing" InstantRails doesn't touch the Windows
registry at all - instead, you get a way of bringing up a command
shell that includes the path to the Rails "stuff", and you can drive
Rails from within that command shell without actually making any
registry changes.

A dig through Google doesn't give me any clues, so then I hit on the
idea of installing eJabberd for Windows.  This goes close - it gives a
simple install process, a fully-fledged Erlang config (plus eJabberd,
which I can ignore), plus a good uninstall process - but it's probably
going to take some persuasion of the environment owners to let me
install it because it makes a bunch of registry entries.

Do any of you know of an Instant Rails-like, drop-in/drop-out, Erlang
installation that already exists?  I could possibly look into building
one myself, but realistically there's no enough hours in the day for
me to be able to implement it in the near term.

Alternately, any other suggestions along the lines of eJabberd - a
solution that goes close to zero install, but has a few caveats -
would also be welcome?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

Dave M.
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