[erlang-questions] jobad: Personifi, Texas, datamining, text-classification and high performance webservices

Armin Roehrl <>
Sat Oct 27 14:24:08 CEST 2007

Freelance and permanent positions are available

* Fort Worth, TX,
* Telecommunicate is OK, so no green card needed.
* Small distributed international team working on leading edge AI-technologies
* erlang and ruby-skills are a must
* gentoo linux (we love gentoo)
* We want young and hungry developers that want to make history or
proven experienced gurus that enjoy doing something very challenging.
* You like algorithms, data-structures and parallelism :-)

If you are interested, please email a very short CV (pdf or txt, no word)
and most of all  reference to past projects to armin at personifi.com.

  -Armin Roehrl

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