[erlang-questions] More nodes than machines

Jay Nelson <>
Wed Oct 17 15:09:37 CEST 2007

This question is directed to Bob Ippolito because he said the  
following in the thread on "OCaml vs Erlang":

 > A year later we have about 16 machines running 80 Erlang nodes  
powering about 16
 > different "components" of our infrastructure

1) Why did you choose to use multiple nodes on each physical machine?

     - Are your machines multicore?
     - Are you using SMP for your erlang nodes?
     - Are you using virtualized machines (via Xen, VMWare or other  
     - What kind of machines are you running (CPU and memory)?

2) Any performance numbers on simultaneous connections or connection  
rate per minute sustainable by your mochiweb http server?


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