[erlang-questions] code_server patch

Serge Aleynikov <>
Wed Oct 17 13:20:51 CEST 2007


In the current installation of Erlang I ran into a need to separate the 
distribution installation and various 3rd party libraries, so that at 
startup Erlang's code server still was able to auto-locate all libraries 
under a given set of paths.  Unfortunately by default it only examines 
the content of $ROOT/lib path, and the rest needs to be provided via 
"-pa" or "-pz" command-line options.

I came up with this little patch to the code_server that enables to 
specify the environment variable ERL_LIBS that can contain a delimited 
list of paths that would be searched for "*/ebin" sub-dirs and if found, 
included in the library path.  As a result you can install Erlang in one 
location and conveniently maintain your libraries in another location:

Example usage:

$ export ERL_LIBS=~/opt/erlang/lib:/opt/erlang/lib
$ erl
1> lists:reverse(code:get_path()).

I verified that this patch works for both erl and erlc.

Are there any drawbacks in including this patch to the distribution?

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