[erlang-questions] Building edtk and bdb

Chris Newcombe <>
Fri Oct 12 20:10:46 CEST 2007

> But when running the tests now I get timeout errors at different places.
> Is that something expected?
> I am running on a centrino duo laptop with linux.

Alas, yes.   I mentioned this in a post yesterday:

  "The test-suite is also quite comprehensive.  Sadly some of the tests
contain timers and timeouts that are somewhat hardware dependent -- it
passes on my test systems, but fails on machines that differ
significantly from those machines in performance."

If you send me the regression.out file I'll take a look, but I can't
promise anything as I probably won't be able to reproduce your
timeouts on any machines that I have access too (the tests pass on my

A better solution would be for you to tweak the timeouts yourself, or
add new calls to timer:sleep if necessary.  Please post any changes
that work for you -- if they don't break my tests I would be happy to
include them.


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