[erlang-questions] 2007 Obfuscated Erlang Competition in conjunction with EUC 07

Francesco Cesarini <>
Fri Oct 12 13:07:12 CEST 2007

In conjunction with the 13th International Erlang User Conference, an 
Obfuscated Programming Competition will be held. The goal is to write 
the most obfuscated Erlang program, providing a safe forum for poor 
coding practices and programming styles. Through this competition, we 
hope to illustrate some of the subtleties of Erlang and how they can 
best be used and abused. More information is available at:


The winners will be announced at the Erlang User Conference. The Jury 
(Joe Armstrong, Richard Carlsson, Jan Henry Nystrom) are looking forward 
(read dreading to receive) to your submissions. Be generous!


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