[erlang-questions] "Erlang plus BDB: Disrupting the Conventional Web Wisdom"

Chris Newcombe <>
Thu Oct 11 23:27:25 CEST 2007

(replying to myself)

> Folks at Synapse (Tony Rogvall, Luke Gorrie before he set off to roam
> the world and code in Forth for the OLPC project) did that.

I found Luke's post:


Pasting here in case the link ever breaks.   (I hope that's OK Luke,
wherever you are...)

  "Pushing Mnesia
  Just must brag that we're surely the record holders for punishment
of Mnesia :-). We have pushed it to >60M records using a custom
backend of BerkeleyDB stored on a cheap 12-disk SCSI array. Mnesia
scalability is everything in our telecom system since we store one
record per subscriber and lots of operators have tens of millions of
With the disk arrays we do blow out to 8U of rack space for a full
cluster but it still looks comical compared with the racks and racks
that make up Java/Oracle systems at these sites :-)

  By Luke Gorrie at Tue, 2005-11-08 04:16 P

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