[erlang-questions] Erlang Workshop 2007: TCP/IP Connectivity Presentation

Francesco Cesarini <>
Wed Oct 10 16:58:05 CEST 2007

The paper / slides on Optimising TCP/IP connectivity in network 
intensive Erlang systems are already online.



*Abstract:* With the increased Use of network enabled applications and 
server hosted software systems, scalability with respect to network 
connectivity is becoming an increasingly important subject. The 
programming language Erlang has previously been shown to be a suitable 
choice for creating highly available, scalable and robust telecoms 
systems. In this exploratory study we want to investigate how to 
optimise an Erlang system for maximum TCP/IP connectivity in terms of 
operating system, tuning of the operating system TCP stack and tuning of 
the Erlang Runtime System. The study shows how a series of benchmarks 
are used to evaluate the impact of these factors and how to evaluate the 
best settings for deploying and configuring an Erlang application. We 
conclude that the choice of operating system and the use of kernel poll 
both have a major impact on the scalability of the benchmarked systems.

The paper and slides on priority messaging and the presentation on 
comparing Erlang and C++ from CUFP will be put online tomorrow.


S.J.Thompson wrote:
> Thanks to everyone who presented and attended the Erlang Workshop 2007 in
> Freiburg last week. I should update you with what's happening next.
> We hope to put up all the slides from the presentations in the next few
> days, once we have received them all from the presenters; I will post once
> this has happened. All the talks were also videoed, and these should be
> available in due course.
> The papers themselves are available in the ACM Digital Library, since this
> is an ACM SIGPLAN sponsored workshop, but you may well find preliminary
> versions of papers on contributors' websites.
> Kind regards
> Simon Thompson
> Workshop Chair
> Erlang Workshop 2007
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