[erlang-questions] Can't build on new Sun T2?

Tim Bray <>
Fri Oct 5 21:40:44 CEST 2007

By the way, I went and tried the build again on a different sparc  
running an (I think) more recent OpenSolaris, and in the erlang build  
output I saw a lot of "Solaris 2.11" instead of "Solaris 2.10" (!?!)  
and anyhow, it built and runs fine.  So the problem may just go away  
in the fullness of time.  -Tim

On Oct 5, 2007, at 12:27 PM, Per Hedeland wrote:

> "Michael Campbell" <> wrote:
>> On 10/5/07, Per Hedeland <> wrote:
>>> Mikael Pettersson <> wrote:
>>>> Here we go again.
>> Answering a slightly different issue, it is simply the nature of
>> mailing lists to recycle questions.  Not everyone tries, nor if they
>> do try, succeeds in finding the answer to their question before
>> posting.
>> The meta-<sigh> here is that the "here we go again" theme is every  
>> bit
>> as old as that to which it is referring.  =)
> Good point, and I'll raise you one: If the (non-meta) <sigh>, in
> response to a user that is encountering absurdly weird errors(*),
> whether he tried to find the answer in the mailing list archives and
> failed or simply couldn't bother, comes from one of the people working
> on the component that causes these absurdly weird errors to happen in
> the first place, it's bordering on being offensive.
> OK, to be a bit constructive - wouldn't it be possible to have a
> configure test for HiPE that identified these kinds of problems, and
> caused HiPE to be disabled with an appropriate warning message,  
> without
> failing the build altogether?
> --Per Hedeland
> (*) I have built and installed gazillions of versions of gazillions of
> different open-source packages since long before the term "open  
> source"
> was coined, and I'm still baffled at the things the HiPE build
> occasionally produces - I really can't recall seeing anything like it
> in any other package build, ever.
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