[erlang-questions] Can't build on new Sun T2?

Per Hedeland <>
Fri Oct 5 21:27:38 CEST 2007

"Michael Campbell" <> wrote:
>On 10/5/07, Per Hedeland <> wrote:
>> Mikael Pettersson <> wrote:
>> >Here we go again.
>Answering a slightly different issue, it is simply the nature of
>mailing lists to recycle questions.  Not everyone tries, nor if they
>do try, succeeds in finding the answer to their question before
>The meta-<sigh> here is that the "here we go again" theme is every bit
>as old as that to which it is referring.  =)

Good point, and I'll raise you one: If the (non-meta) <sigh>, in
response to a user that is encountering absurdly weird errors(*),
whether he tried to find the answer in the mailing list archives and
failed or simply couldn't bother, comes from one of the people working
on the component that causes these absurdly weird errors to happen in
the first place, it's bordering on being offensive.

OK, to be a bit constructive - wouldn't it be possible to have a
configure test for HiPE that identified these kinds of problems, and
caused HiPE to be disabled with an appropriate warning message, without
failing the build altogether?

--Per Hedeland

(*) I have built and installed gazillions of versions of gazillions of
different open-source packages since long before the term "open source"
was coined, and I'm still baffled at the things the HiPE build
occasionally produces - I really can't recall seeing anything like it
in any other package build, ever.

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