[erlang-questions] Erlang forge?

Roberto Saccon <>
Fri Oct 5 22:49:34 CEST 2007

Just an idea for quickly creating something useful: do a mashup maybe
easily done with yahoo pipes or google mashup editor.

let me give you an example what you could automate:

this manually performed query
lists now 85 erlang tagged projects.

On September  04 I did that query as well
 and I got 72 projects.

So there is some quickly moving and well structured data (at least in
case of googlecode) which I think is worth observing and publishing on
a easy to remember website (as  the domains you registered)

On 10/5/07, Lance Carlson <> wrote:
> I registered the domains erlangforge.org and .com with the mindset of
> creating a community based forge site around erlang. Most forge sites
> provide a set of tools for each project (SVN, Mailing lists, ftp to a
> homepage, etc.). I was wondering what the general consensus on a site
> like this would be and what features it should have. I heard that some
> people might just want a simple site that cultivates all the projects
> into a easy listing and allow the projects to choose the pre-existing
> forge-like tool sets. Others may want something more. Thoughts?
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Roberto Saccon

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