[erlang-questions] Erlang release management

Eric Merritt <>
Fri Oct 5 21:50:47 CEST 2007

> I mean, if one can easily plug its software to an otp like module/
> behavior (or whatever) automatically included by sinan at build
> stage, then it will be trivial for cean to manage live code upgrade
> for all sinan packaged apps.

If the OTP app/module existed then sinan could do this right now.

> by now, cean can package almost every contribution available. but
> there is no common way for handling code upgrade. so while
> applications are not developped/packaged using a defined system like
> sinan, it's impossible to handle live code upgrade except calling
> AppMainModule:code_change and let developers implement that function.

How would this be different then the current way of doing code
upgrade. In the end the developer is going to have to be aware that a
code upgrade is going on. Thats why we have all the code_change
modules in otp behaviors.

> moreover, if packages become aware of the otp release management,
> then we'll have more flexibility and ability to handle them.
> what do you think about ?

I think its a good idea. I am looking forward to elaboration.

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