[erlang-questions] Using Lisp to extend a Mac IDE for Erlang

Joel Reymont <>
Wed Oct 3 19:48:53 CEST 2007

I'm between projects right now (anyone want to hire me?) so I have  
time to spare. I'm once again thinking of the Mac IDE for Erlang.  
More specifically, I'm thinking of the language used to extend such  
an IDE.

I'm wondering if there are any objections to an environment that  
reuses the Distel code and can be extended in Lisp. Sort of like a  
TextMate for Erlang with Lisp instead of Ruby.

I already own a LispWorks license and it comes with a Cocoa bridge so  
the only thing I would need to do to bootstrap is port Distel and  
hook it up to an editor. What do you think?

	Thanks, Joel


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