[erlang-questions] nodes not visible until net_adm:world()

Richard Andrews <>
Tue Oct 2 15:22:07 CEST 2007

I find that the following calls do not work as I expect.
When I start a new node and already have several nodes running...

nodes() returns []

global:registered_names() returns []

Cannot send to global registered processes.

... But then after I do net_adm:world() or net_adm:world_list([myhost]),
suddenly all the nodes and registered names are visible. It's as if the VM is
not trying to contact epmd until after world() or world_list() is called.

This is observed on the first call to either of these

=PROGRESS REPORT==== 2-Oct-2007::23:19:21 ===
          supervisor: {local,inet_gethost_native_sup}
             started: [{pid,<0.374.0>},{mfa,{inet_gethost_native,init,[[]]}}]

=PROGRESS REPORT==== 2-Oct-2007::23:19:21 ===
          supervisor: {local,kernel_safe_sup}
             started: [{pid,<0.373.0>},

Is this behaviour expected; and if so can someone explain what the proper
mechanism is to start the node so epmd facilities are available?

I'm running R11B5 under Linux.


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