[erlang-questions] Distrobuted/Fragmented Mnesia node crash

Eranga Udesh <>
Tue Oct 2 14:43:29 CEST 2007


I run 3 distributed Erlang nodes, dedicated to run Mnesia database server.
Another Erlang node runs the application which read/write to those tables.
Schema is created as disk_copies in all 4 nodes and tables are created as
fragmented and distributed tables between 3 dedicated Mnesia nodes. I.e. 99
fragments of a table distributed in 3 nodes resulting 33 fragments in each.
There're about 250-350 Db write/s and 500-800 DB read/s

Performance is quite good. I don't see "Mnesia overloaded" warnings. However
occasionally one of the Mnesia node crashes. Sometimes the time between 2
crashes of the same Mnesia node may be about 1-2 days, while the next crash
takes about 10-20 days to happen. It doesn't even generate the crash_dump
file or even if its generated, the size is 0 bytes.

Any idea what could be the cause? Are others also experience the same? I
don't see any abnormal Load, Processor or Memory usage when these crashes

- Eranga

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