[erlang-questions] Erlang release management

Christophe Romain <>
Mon Oct 1 10:45:51 CEST 2007

distributed updates is a planed feature for CEAN 1.4.
that's why i said "should". handling release tarballs should also be  

by now, cean:upgrade just installs and reloads new version of code on  
the local node.
in next version it will run on a set of nodes.
in that stage, it is certainly not suited enough for production live  
systems with loop and state data (the application is not aware of  
code change, we just tell erlang to purge the old code)

for that reason, concerning live code upgrade i have no good solution  
by now.
  - if applying only on local node we may just call  
AppModule:code_change (if exists)
  - if applying on cluster, it may be possible to shut-down one node,  
upgrade code, restart-node. (in that case one must use a start/stop  
script). then do it again and again, for each node.

Eric, may sinan be able, at build stage, to generate some kind of  
generic code reload mecanism developer can plug its application loop  
on ?

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