[erlang-questions] idea: tagging subject line in this group

Heinz Eriksson <>
Thu Nov 1 12:20:22 CET 2007

There is no tag which fully fits what I read this list for; 'prinicple'.
Discussions on selective receive for keeping state machines manageble, COP,
let it crash, better record data type, static/dynamic typing, why process
dictionary is bad and referential transparency is good and how the principle
apply (or fail) in Erlang.

So my tag proposal is 'principle', but it could also be 'philosophy' or even

(I would not be surprised if the tagging idea dies out within a few weeks
though. )


Raimo Niskanen-2 wrote:
> I have now configured the topic filter. Not that I will use it
> because I want to do my own filtering on the client side.
> But at least the topics are now defined. The default topic
> filtering is to receive all messages, topic tagged or not.
> Topic filtering is done by searching the Subject: line for any of
> the defined topic tags. The topic tags are case insensitive,
> start on a word boundary and end with a colon.
> You can find the current topic definitions at your own
> mailing list membership configuration page:
> 	http://www.erlang.org/mailman/options/erlang-questions
> They are roughly as Joe suggested:
> idea:     An idea you want to share and get feedback on
> how:      A request for technical info
> erlounge: Announce an erlounge
> beginner: A beginners question
> clarify:  Anyone please clarify
> program:  I've written a fun program ...
> ad:       An advertisement for something
> job:      A job advertisement or similar
> link:     Read this article it's interesting
> ot:       Off topic for this mailing list, but I think many will
>           find it interesting anyway
> Topics may be added later, but this is something better not changed
> too frequently since it may affect many members.
> On Fri, Oct 26, 2007 at 07:56:16PM +0200, Joe Armstrong wrote:
>> This group is getting pretty busy. It's also a useful resource for
>> finding out how to get this done.
>> Can I suggest a simple tagging of the subject line. As follows:
>>      idea:    An idea you want to share and get feedback on
>>      how:     A request for technical info
>> Replies are just follow ups to the original posting.
>>     erlounge: announce an erlounge
>>     beginner: a beginners question
>>     clarify:     please clarify ...
>>     program: I've written a fun program ...
>>     ad: an advertisement for something
>>     jobad: a job ad
>>     link: read this article it's interesting
>> /Joe
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