[erlang-questions] POP3 client library

Johan Bevemyr jb@REDACTED
Sat Jun 30 00:06:18 CEST 2007

There is a POP3 client in the yaws mail application 
It  contains code for decoding emails (parsing headers and body, 
unpacking attachments
and decoding), and a simple SMTP client for sending emails with 
attachments. I've found it useful
in a number of applications. The down side is that the code is 
undocumented :-)

A typical POP3 request is done as follows. To list all emails do

    mail:list(Server, User, Password)

and to retreive an email do

    mail:retr(Server, User, Password, Nr).

Once you've got the message you can use the various parse functions to 
the email. Sending an email is done though the smtp:send(Server, From, 
To, Subject, Message,
Attachments) function.


Kirill Zaborski wrote:

>I need to access POP3 mailbox in my application. I have found Epop
>project from Tobbe on CEAN (taken from jungerl) which is quite old
>(from 1998). Are there any other libs with such functionality
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