[erlang-questions] Copying applications between different OTP versions

Kirill Zaborski qrilka@REDACTED
Sun Jun 24 19:59:47 CEST 2007

Do I understand right that I can not copy my application to an older OTP
installation? E.g. If I make my app (boot-files and so on) with the latest
OTP R11B-5 and the target system has R10B-10 (just a bit older than 1 year).
If I run my boot file I get
{"init terminating in do_boot",{'cannot load',error_handler,get_file}}

System Principles in OTP documentation uses target_system.erl but which is
not a part of OTP and I wonder why?
And also it is useful for creating target system in the same OS and what if
I run a Windows workstation and production code should run on some kind of
As I understand to be able to install an application I need to have access
to releases and lib directories of Erlang system so I copy myapp.tar.gz and
then run release_handler:unpack_release(ReleaseName) and
release_handler:install_release(Vsn). Am I right?

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