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Mon Jun 18 21:40:28 CEST 2007

not to judge if Erl is mainstream ... :-)

the author, David Chisnall has covered Erlang in
a previous article. I like his articles, he tends to shed light
on interesting technologies that don't get any coverage.
so it isn't too surprising that he is using it as a comparison
and giving it a good plug to boot.

On 6/18/07, Bengt Kleberg <bengt.kleberg@REDACTED> wrote:
> greetings,
> erlang is sufficiently mainstream to make it into off hand comments like
> this http://www.informit.com/articles/article.asp?p=766375&seqNum=2 (at
> the end).
> bengt
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> Those were the days...
>    EPO guidelines 1978: "If the contribution to the known art resides
>    solely in a computer program then the subject matter is not
>    patentable in whatever manner it may be presented in the claims."
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