[erlang-questions] erlang-mode emacs tabs vs spaces

Per Hedeland per@REDACTED
Sat Jun 2 13:33:10 CEST 2007

"Matthew O'Gorman" <mogorman@REDACTED> wrote:
>I am an emacs user, I just work with vim users as well and think it is
>very silly to be so utterly inconsistent.  The fix, the line i
>proposed or others should be trivial to add to the erlang-mode.

AFAIK the tabs-in-indentation usage that is the default in erlang-mode
is "emacs standard" - certainly at least cc-mode, shell-script-mode, and
perl-mode do the same by default. And whatever you think of this
"feature" (I can agree with "silly", but not "inconsistent", let alone
"utterly"), I don't think erlang.el should hardwire something that it is
different from "standard default". You found the customization knob,
fine (and thanks for reporting it), now you - or any project that
decides on it - just need to use it.

--Per Hedeland

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