[erlang-questions] some language changes

tobbe tobbe@REDACTED
Fri Jun 1 13:05:26 CEST 2007

Why not take a fresh start and cook up a new syntax, i.e ErlangRedux.

Initially, the mandatory requirement should be:

* make use of the existing (super strong) Beam engine.
* the general semantics of Erlang processes should be preserved
* hot code loading must still work
* the distribution mechanism must also be preserved

Apart from this, cook up a nice concise syntax!

I guess this could hook into existing Hipe backends in an
initial approach, Then some good libraries should be written
on top of this, which could be done as a comunity effort.
All this could be hosted on a community server (making use
of 'git' for decentralized development of course  :-) 

Not sure how hard it would be to implement a new syntax
like this, but I'm sure several people on the list could
do a good estimation of the efforts involved.

Cheers, Tobbe
(Ps. btw I cant post via Gmane anylonger, bc of tonights 'service' perhaps ?)
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