[erlang-questions] Stand Alone Erlang Still Updated?

Peter K Chan <>
Tue Jul 31 07:26:13 CEST 2007

I would put my vote in a native executable too. CEAN is very nice for
managing all the dependencies, but when deployed to the target system,
it is still a big pile of directories.

I took the earlier suggestion and looked at Wings3D, and I really like
how minimal and straightforward the Wings3D distribution is. CEAN is
great for package management, but the myriad files are still confusing
me, who is a novice.

Looking at it, SAE would seems to be the ideal deployment form. It would
be nice to see SAE updated for current Erlang, or somehow be able to
compile a CEAN to a SAE (with only a .exe, a few .dll, and a .zip). 


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Chris Curtis wrote:
> Well, the main feature is being able to build a stand-alone executable
> for {windows, linux, macosx, ...}.
> --chris
And this is (for more casual deployments) a feature that cannot be 
over-praised. CEAN is much better than the "standard" Erlang install 
process, but the issue still is that it is a variety of executables, 
preset directory structure, and a bunch of beam files. SAE was cool 
because there was simply the exe, any required DLL's, and a single zip 
of compiled beam files.

Still the "minimal build" method CEAN is based around is pretty useful 
and is somewhat like Wings3D (which installs pretty easily and cleanly).

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