[erlang-questions] Erlang book now shipping

Christopher Baus <>
Fri Jul 20 23:57:41 CEST 2007

David Mercer wrote:
> What does the USPS do with it?  Do they send it back or hold it at the PO?
> I used to live in a small town which did not have mail delivery, but there
> the PO would hold your mail and you'd stop in a couple of times a week and
> ask the mailman for your mail.  Nice and friendly-like.
> David

Ok this deviating totally off the subject, and I will drop it after 
this, but they do not associate a PO BOX with a physical address in 
Tahoe.  I gave PragProg my physical address assuming it would be shipped 
  via FedEx or UPS.  I used to work around this by providing my PO BOX 
in the second line of the address, but now my PO BOX and Physical 
address are in two different zip codes, so this doesn't work anymore.

I've had stuff shipped all the way to the local PO w/out a PO BOX and 
then shipped all they way back.  This is a big PITA up here.


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