[erlang-questions] Erlang book now shipping

David Mercer <>
Fri Jul 20 21:57:16 CEST 2007

What does the USPS do with it?  Do they send it back or hold it at the PO?
I used to live in a small town which did not have mail delivery, but there
the PO would hold your mail and you'd stop in a couple of times a week and
ask the mailman for your mail.  Nice and friendly-like.


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>> I received mine to day in Atlanta, GA, USA.  It came via USPS mail, no
>> tracking information.
> Uh oh.  I can't receive USPS mail at the address I provided them.

Sorry for the digression, but... I've gotten multiple direct emails 
regarding this, so it might be worth noting that if you work for an 
e-commerce company that the US Postal Service can not deliver to all 
addresses in the US.  Specifically they do not deliver to residences in 
Lake Tahoe.

E-commerce forms should specify the method of shipping.  I've gotten 
burned numerable times on this.
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