[erlang-questions] The meaning of OTP...

Eric Merritt <>
Wed Jul 18 20:06:34 CEST 2007

> I do not think it should be changed to Open Transaction Platform, because
> all that is doing is replacing the only meaningful word in the acronym with
> a buzzword, making the term completely meaningless.  Not only that, OTP has
> nothing to do with transactions, so it is not only meaningless, but also
> deceptive.

Worse yet the term 'transaction' has negative connotations in large
scale distributed systems. The fact that its essentially impossible to
guarantee a transaction in that environment makes the use of the word
quite negative. For people that understand these types of distributed
systems the fact that transaction is in the title of OTP would almost
immediately bias them against the platform. These are the types of
people who would benefit most from Erlang and otp. If you must change
the name just change the name forget about the acronym and find
something more descriptive.

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