[erlang-questions] Performance of the append/reverse idiom

Christopher Baus <>
Mon Jul 16 21:18:38 CEST 2007

> The most common bottleneck are in the I/O system. Parsing inputs (in
> any language)
> is always a slow - other bottleneck are usually in the process
> structure - using a centralized server that serializes everything can
> make nasty bottlenecks.


Thanks for your reply.  I agree with you, but I can see why developers
would pause when adding an additional O(n) operation to the end of a list
accumulate operation when this could be handled at insertion time in a
doubly linked list -- especially in CPU bound applications.

I think a reasonable solution for most apps would be to manipulate the
data in reversed order, unless reversing is required by an I/O operation.


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