[erlang-questions] JavaScript compiler for Erlang

Bob Ippolito <>
Mon Jul 16 14:36:44 CEST 2007

On 7/16/07, Joe Armstrong <> wrote:
> I have on occasion thought that it would be fun to implement Javascript.
> The idea of having lot's of little javascripts running in process and
> message parsing
> would be fun.
> The first step would be a simple interpretor - from that the compiler
> is easy :-)
> The difficulty of wring an interpretor seems mainly to do with getting
> an accurate
> parse tree of the js source into Erlang - the interpretor should be pretty easy.
> So now I wonder "how can I get a parse tree of some javascript" - Ideally
> there would be a javascript-parser-in-javascript that produced a JSON
> parse tree.
> If such a parser exists please tell me where to find it !!

Take a look at Narcissus:


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