[erlang-questions] best way to do live code update

jm <>
Tue Jul 10 08:41:40 CEST 2007

> hi,
> what is the best way to do design a system for live code update?
> in theory, i would like to ship a tar/bundle/etc with all the necessary
> code. the end user should be able to load that while the system
> is running and then proceed as thogh nothing much has changed.
> this should be similar to a live code update that was done on the
> network gear that erlang ran on.
> how does one structure their project to accomplish this?

If you don't mind the blind leading the blind...There's a section in
"OTP Design Principles" (
http://www.erlang.org/doc/pdf/design_principles.pdf ) that covers
releases starts around page 46.
http://www.trapexit.org/index.php/Building_An_OTP_Application also has a
section on releases. I've done niether myself though. Is this what your
referring to or some finer point I've missed?


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